New ACLF CLP Scholarship Fund and Graduation Dinner Highlights

Happy holidays! Thanks to those who attended our sold-out graduation dinner last month at beautiful McCaw Hall, Seattle Center – helping ACLF gross $70,000 to sustain our work in developing strong API leadership. If we missed you at the event, check out some of the evening’s highlights via:

* Program Booklet
* Photos
* Additional Photos (from attendees)

Next year, ACLF is excited to celebrate its 10 year anniversary of strengthening Asian Pacific Islander communities by strengthening our leadership capacity. Our annual Community Leadership Program (CLP) has now graduated over 125 outstanding leaders with an ongoing commitment to public service and positive social change.

“CLP has been transformative in sharpening the definition and understanding of what community means, of what our API issues are, bridging generations of pioneering and innovating activists, leaders, and role models, building deep foundation of knowledge of local API history, and empowering us with resources and tools so we can be accountable loving leaders working to better unite and serve our communities.” – My Tam Nguyen, 2008 CLP Graduate

“The Community Leaders Program has been inspiring and a wonderful learning experience. It was just as I imagined it would be: challenging, educational, and a great introduction to API movers and shakers. It has brought me closer to the API community and opened my eyes to where more change is urgently needed. I couldn’t have asked for better classmates whom I regarded highly at the beginning of the program and as we graduate I think of them more as lifelong friends.” – Ehren Watada, 2008 CLP Graduate

Given this tough economic climate, it is crucial to keep the costs of our CLP program affordable. While the program costs a total of $65,000 to operate (about $4000 in training and resources per participant), we want to continue subsidizing the tuition for participants, keeping their out-of-pocket tuition fees nominal and affordable at only $120. Please consider supporting our newly created ACLF CLP Scholarship Fund to sponsor CLP tuition, and particularly next year’s tenth class. This ensures that we are able to provide leadership training opportunities to a diverse class each year.

Your donation will enable us to keep costs within reach for prospective participants, so we hope you will join us in keeping leadership training and development an accessible resource for our future leaders.

Contributions can be made online at: or call the ACLF office at 206.625.3850.

Thanks and best wishes this holiday season on behalf of ACLF’s Staff and


Cherry Cayabyab


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