Thank you to our ACLF 10 Year Reunion guests and volunteers

ACLF would like to thank the alumni, past board, founders, and guests who attended the ACLF Family Reunion on Tuesday, June 9. Past ACLF members were able to reacquaint with old friends and also get to know the current CLP class and Leadership Advisory Council members.

There were a good number of participants who interviewed for the 10 Year Documentary, which will be shown during the Graduation Dinner on Saturday, November 7.

Pictures of the event are posted on facebook.

Local media coverage:

Thank yous!

Alumni Leadership Committee: Joe Gobunquin Jeff Liang, My Tam Nguyen, Joyce Tseng, Katie Tupper, and Wina Wichiendwidhtaya

ACLF 10 Year Documentary Team: Ian Dapiaoen and Christina Twu

Program Speakers: Michelle Capuyan, Cherry Cayabyab, Brian Hsi, Jeff Liang, Julien Loh, Kip Tokuda, Christina Twu and Wina Wichiendwidhtaya

Photographer: Veronica Ho

If you are interested in purchasing any pictures from Veronica please go to the following link.


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