ACLF Summer Series and 10 ways of celebrating 10 years of community leadership from ACLF!

We invite you to join us in the ten ways of celebrating ten years of community leadership from the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation!  Join our countdown!

10)  Jun 9:  10 Year ACLF Family Reunion

9)    Aug 11: Trivia Night

8)    Aug 27: Marination Mobile Night

7)    Sep 9:   Dinner and a Movie

6)    Sep 12: Miniature Golf

5)    Sep 24:  Belltown Pub Crawl

4)    Sep 30: Mariners Game

3)    Oct 8:  ACLF Family Dinner and Mentoring

2)    Oct 22:  CLP 09 Project Presentation: 2010 Census

1)    Nov 7: 10 Year Anniversary Graduation Dinner!!!

ACLF prides itself in training and supporting a dynamic cadre of Asian Pacific Islander leaders across diverse sectors with a commitment to social justice, community empowerment and public service.  Together, we debunk myths and stereotypes that API’s are silent, apathetic and won’t “make waves”.

Of our 100+ alumni,

·         80% actively serve on nonprofit boards and/or volunteer for social change causes
·         40% currently work with nonprofit organizations serving disadvantaged communities
·         35% have worked in electoral politics, policy-making and/or government administration
·         25% are in the private, business or philanthropy sectors or are self-employed entrepreneurs

We look forward to seeing you throughout our summer series of anniversary celebrations!

Summer Series Main Flyer


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