Welcome Linh Ngo, ACLF Census 2010 Project Manager!

ACLF’s CLP 09 community project with the Census 2010 has led to a post-project partnership with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (LCCREF) and Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) in Washington DC to engage communities of color to participate in the Census 2010.  As a local partner organization, ACLF serves as a hub for information and technical assistance on the 2010 Census through trainings, events, and aggressive outreach to hard-to-count populations.

ACLF is excited to announce the hire of Linh Ngo to serve as ACLF’s contract Census 2010 Project Manager to continue trainings, outreach and community engagement on the Census.

Linh Ngo was born in Vietnam with Chinese ancestry. She left Vietnam with her family as a refugee in 1980. She came to Portland, Oregon and went to school at Portland Community College and then University of Washington. She received her Masters of Social Work at the University of Chicago and worked in New York City for 3 years until she returned to Seattle. Her interest in social justice and diversity started when she participated in a series of experiential workshops on racism/sexism/homophobia at 16 years old.  She continued to do such work facilitating internalized racism and oppression workshops with API community organizations/activists as well as serving as Co-Chair of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), where she coordinated their 2005 national conference in Seattle and 2004 APIA Vote events.

Linh is a recent CLP 09 alumni where she chaired her committee’s team to develop a culturally relevant Census 2010 exhibit, translated in 8 different API languages, which currently rotates between ACLF’s 9 local API Census partners and their nonprofit locations serving significant API populations. Linh has also presented to and trained over 300 nonprofit staff  on the Census 2010 to-date.

Since her start, Linh has “taken off running” with Census 2010 outreach. She has helped form the “Make Our Community Count Campaign”, a collaboration of several organization serving communities of color and their first train-the-trainers event and strategy session takes place February 6. She’s also seeking volunteers for APA Legislative Day on February 4, conducting more Census 2010 engagement with API communities.

Linh can be reached at linhpngo@gmail or 206.625.3850 if you are interested in volunteering with the campaign.


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