Welcome ACLF Board Member, Ruena Bumagat!

Ruena immigrated to the US from the Philippines when she was 10 years old.  After growing up in Kauai, Hawaii, she earned her BS in International Business from San Diego Christian College.  She later relocated to Washington in 1998, and currently works as a Human Resources Recruiter for State Farm Insurance.  Ruena is the co-founder and president of Pangdayaw International Outreach Ministries(PIOM) which supports children feeding centers,  women ministries,  and churches in the Philippines and Combodia.  She goes on mission trips to Asia every year and enjoys leading bible studies every Saturday.  A former Loaned Executive for United Way/Pierce County, Ruena is passionate about increasing cultural awareness in the business  and public sector; and has been actively involved in community organizations working with the youth.   She enjoys coordinating overseas trips with her group and loves spending time with her pet, Halo (maltese dog).   When time permits, she likes to browse at Barnes and Nobles or Borders  and relax with her friends and family at the shopping mall.  Yes, a girl can never have too many purses!


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