Welcome ACLF Board Member, Amy Hirotaka!

Amy grew up in Sammamish, WA, and has deep roots on the Eastside – her Japanese American grandparents were farmers in Bellevue prior to their incarceration in the Tule Lake Internment Camp during World War II. Amy earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Asian Pacific American Studies from New York University. A couple years after graduation (and a short-lived attempt at law school), Amy left New York City for Seattle to pursue a career in the public sector. She currently works for the Community Technology Program at the City of Seattle, and also as an independent consultant helping nonprofits communicate effectively online. Amy received her Master of Public Administration degree from the UW Evans School of Public Affairs in 2010, where she focused her studies on community development and social justice. She enjoys volunteering at the Wallingford Community Senior Center, loves traveling, and tolerates gardening.


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