Welcome Bao Nguyen!

ACLF welcomes our new Office Manager and Program Assistant, Bao Nguyen:

Since arriving in the United States at the age of ten, Bao Nguyen has grown up, lived and worked in White Center.  Following his completion of ACLF’s Community Leaders Program in 2010, he knew he wanted to be more involved in the International District to build his network and soak up the rich history of the area.   When the opportunity to work at ACLF came along, he could not let it pass.

In this spare time, Bao is a Leader at a local Vietnamese youth group where he also teaches lion dancing.  He likes to volunteer at community events and shares his zany observations through the International Examiner.  In his spare spare time, Bao loves reading, playing board/video/card games, and riding around on his motorcycle.

Bao is thrilled to be working in the heart of the API community for an organization with a history of fostering great leaders.


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