Thank you for attending the Community Conversation Forum!



A big thank you to all who attended the Community Conversation Forum hosted by ACLF’s 2016 Community Leaders class this past Saturday, Oct. 8th. It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many new faces and fantastic to see so many young leaders in the same room.

Participant’s shared personal stories around challenges they face in leadership roles by way of culture and in lay beliefs about the qualities that individuals need to display to be considered leaders. The forum provided a more granular level of analysis to identify the qualities that promote and inhibit success. We also discussed the importance of Allyship and how API’s can be more effective allies to one another in our work and daily lives.  Your attendance, participation, and thoughtful input made the day a true success!!

Thank you to our 2016 CLP class for providing this space where community members could come together and support each other and promote collaboration within the API community!


ACLF Board of Directors


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