The 2017 CLP cohort are half way through!

On July 22, 2017:  The 2017 CLP cohort met with Alex Johnson and Marissa Vichayapai at the Seattle Central Library at the mid-point of their ACLF experience.  The first half of the retreat was a check-in with the cohort about where they were at and discussed their group project.

This year’s group project will be a Leadership Needs Assessment for the ACLF Board of Directors. This year’s project is to capture and understand the leadership needs of the AAPI community, within the current landscape we are in. The work of this project will go to inform and provide actionable steps to the community for sustained and powerful leadership that will continue to uplift our voices and our people.

The second half of the mid program retreat was a Geoteaming event facilitated by John Chen. This year, 3 teams made up of the 2017 CLP cohort and ACLF Board Members engaged in some team building competition.

Here’s a video of CLP 2017’s Geoteaming experience.