Accepting Applications to Become an ACLF Board Member

Download the app here: ACLF Board Application Form 2019

Rolling Application

We are looking for CLP alums, partners, advisory board members, former board members, members of the API community, and anyone else who is interested in revisioning/realigning ACLF, enacting change and supporting our community through the development of emerging leaders.

We see this as a truly exciting opportunity to do things differently and ensure that we remain aligned to the vision of ACLF. We are seeking individuals who aren’t afraid of change to take the reigns in this transitional time. A chrysalis is about renewal and rebirth of our organization – keeping things that worked well while throwing out the things that did not. That is a part of building anew.

We have the following goals for the next year:

  1. Restructuring CLP to better reflect the social and political issues of today and develop leaders to meet those needs in their respective areas of work

  2. Improving our community and alumni engagement.

  3. Onboarding and developing new board members that will shape ACLF moving forward.

Having said that, the above list is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. If you see something missing from the list, then we challenge you to bring that to the table with us and work with others who care about the future of API leadership to find a solution. We are in a time of transition as an organization and are looking to reset, revamp, and re-align our vision. A majority of our board will be transitioning off, so this is an incredible time to establish a solid foundation on a working board.


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