CLP Class of 2011 – Top Row: JoJo Tran, Randon Aea, Justin Chan, Annie Kuo, Chanda Ishisaka, Latana Thaviseth, James Hong, Christopher Batalon – Bottom Row: Stephen Yao, Mary McNair, Aimee Decker, Mindy Au, Jamie Stroble, Yin Chan

Check out more photos of CLP ’11 Opening Retreat, Geoteaming, Summer Social,

2011 Community Project

Randon Aea

Mindy Au

Christopher Batalon

Justin Chan 

Yin Chan

Aimee Decker

James Hong

Chanda Ishisaka

Annie Kuo


Mary McNair

Jamie Stroble

Latana Thaviseth

JoJo Tran

Stephen Yao


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