ACLF: A Year in Chrysalis

We are taking a one-year break from running the Community Leaders Program.

CLP will return in 2021!

We did it. For 20 years, we have come together to build social justice-informed API leaders in the greater Seattle community. It has been beautiful, challenging, and rewarding.

Thank you to every single CLP alum, board member, committee member, volunteer, and community member who has helped shape and build ACLF when it needs. Our Annual Gala in November was an incredible success raising and we want to continue this momentum with the capacity and intention you all deserve. Our responsibility to you is to grow with intention and input (from you and build off the work of the 2017 & 2018 CLP class’ project) rather than to simply let growth happen. Our responsibility is to work at a pace and with enough capacity in the organization that is humane and allows for transformative thinking.

For these reasons, we are pleased to share that we will take a one year break from running the Community Leaders Program.

What Happens Next? 

We will need to melt our caterpillar body of ACLF and envision our new form. You can count on us reaching out to you, hosting a couple of community listening sessions, examining other leadership development programs, and more. The dreams will manifest at the board’s next meeting in late January. After that, we will update you all again about what our steps will be.

Ultimately, we will be taking things apart, laying it out on the table, cleaning, fixing, removing, adding, and putting ourselves back together.

What Can I Do? 

Stay tuned for our update next month for all the ways you can participate. We know you must have questions, thoughts, and feelings you want to share with us. Below are the immediate ways, we will expand the options in the next few months:

  1. Please send us an email with those thoughts, questions, concerns, and feelings at
  2. If you prefer a one-on-one conversation, email us at

Most importantly, we ask for your patience and support during this process. It’s because of living legacies like you we are ACLF.

Onward to our next form.


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