2016 Community Leaders Program Project


Please join us in raising the collective voice of the API community! The CLP leadership symposium and project is the culmination of leadership training and is focused on creating an opportunity to connect people to agencies, agencies with leaders in the community and to promote opportunities for leadership within the community. The conversation will focus on two topics: Influence of Culture on Leadership and Activism & Allyship.

This project is part of ACLF’s Community Leaders Program (CLP), a leadership program that offers training and mentorship to individuals with an interest and passion in social justice and leadership roles in their community. CLP 2016 is the first class to develop and host a symposium that will provide a space where API leaders and community organizations can support each other and promote collaboration within the API community. This type of group project provides an opportunity for the class to apply their leadership skills, to build connections between the class and the greater API community and to promote coalition-building across all communities. It is also the hope that future Community Leaders Program classes will continue to host the symposium and imprint upon that year’s symposium focus.

We are thrilled to support the hard work of our CLP class and look forward to seeing you there!  Please RSVP here.


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